About Our Clothes


 From India to Cornwall - with love

Each piece in the collection is designed in cotton that’s 100% organic and hails from a 120-acre farm in India. Run with time-honoured working methods, the farm in Gujarat is dedicated to creating a healthy and safe environment for all of its workers.

Once the cotton is harvested, it heads to a ginning factory where each member of staff is protected by the Fair Wear Foundation. Once the organic cotton is ‘ginned’ (where fibres are separated from seeds), it travels by road to a factory in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

Let’s break away for a second to explore this factory, because it’s pretty amazing:

  • It’s one of the frontrunning socially responsible manufacturers in the whole of India.
  • The vertically integrated methods (spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting) used in this one location lead to significant savings, which are then reinvested into making sure the fully audited factory has the best facilities and the safest working environment.
  • It’s SA8000 (Social Accountability) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.
  • It’s powered entirely by renewable energy.
  • Its products are of the most outstanding quality.

When this part of the chain has done its job, our T-shirts board a boat and they’re whisked up the Red Sea and through the Gibraltar Straits all the way to Southampton.

We welcome them by road into Cornwall and screen print them locally using amazing eco dyes. The T-shirts are bundled up into our recyclable shipping packaging and dispatched to their loving new homes.

And that’s it! Ethical, sustainable, affordable and high-quality T-shirts with a story.

A story that can be read by every proud owner of a Happy Fox T-shirt, through the innovation of a scannable smart label inside every piece.