The Happy Fox Launch

Woohoo! Launch day has finally arrived!

We are *so* excited to be able to finally share all the hard work that has been put in behind the scenes over the past few months. It's been epic. 

Here at The Happy Fox HQ, we've had photoshoots, performed market research, tested out the products with our Mini Happy Fox Brigade, and called in friends and family (all hands on deck!) to make sure this new venture becomes a roaring success.

The Happy Fox idea came from a combination of elements. Our founder, Abby, homeschools her kids and believes passionately that all children should be free to roam and explore as much as possible. So it's safe to say the 'Free Range' slogan sums up our company ethos pretty perfectly.

We all know that kids love nothing more than being out and about, getting down and dirty with nature and learning new things in new ways. This is where the production quality of The Happy Fox range comes into play - it's gotta be durable!

And then, of course, as parents, we've always got one eye on the budget, so we wanted to make sure this range of eco-friendly clothing and accessories was affordable. Plus there's the fact that so many people (Abby's little tribe included) are conscious of reducing their plastic usage, so we've all been reducing our at-home plastic usage and attending beach cleans as a way to meet new people and spread The Happy Fox awareness (BTW, our delivery packaging and business cards are all recycled/recyclable, too!).

Then, of course, we wanted to make sure that the provenance of every piece is completely sustainable as well as ethical. So from the cotton fibres we use to the eco-friendly dyes that create our slogans, it's all good.

Finally - and perhaps most importantly - positivity and mental health awareness are the crucial ingredients in The Happy Fox's recipe. The dream is that our ethos and the slogans we wear with pride will help little people grow up shrouded in positivity and awareness of how important their feelings - and the feelings of others - are.

It's not easy balancing affordability with environmental and ethical awareness, but we've done it! It's all reflected in every element of The Happy Fox, and we truly hope you enjoy discovering more about this budding Cornish venture.

So, get stuck into browsing and let us know what you think! If you're interested in collborating or have specific questions, drop an email to

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